Sunday, December 2, 2012

Turning to a Vegetarian

This may be some minor news but should I become a vegetarian?
Well, I will eat white meat and get some protein from it.
The reason I have been thinking about this is because after reading ALOT of Tiggerkat's Ode to God,
I've been starting to think that animals are GOD's creatures and that I can't consume them.

I don't go to church at all but I still believe in god.
Plantae (a scientific name for plants) are also living things, but what else would I eat? I know I could eat cheese but it's not enough. 
So yep, this a short post. 

Signing off!


  1. Well animals "feel". If you would do some research about what happens to these animals you might get your answer. Here is the US they have inhumane ways of treating them... Don't get me started... >.< But maybe you should be a vegan? Vegans can have stuff like milk ,etc. Being a vegetarian is very strict. Take a look at peta...

    1. Actually, Vegan is very strict. No milk cheese eggs meat.. On the other hand, vegetarians eat animal by-products.
      (My sis tried bein vegan but switched to Vegetarian)

  2. lol!!! CHECK OUT MY BLOG!!

  3. well, I think you have just given me an idea for my next post. God gives us permission to eat animals. But he expects us to treat them humanely.

    I think many animals are built in with an "off switch" when they are slaughtered and don't feel the pain, that may sound weird, but have you ever watched lions take down prey? and begin to eat it before it is even dead? I was so upset with the cruelty in nature and just couldn't believe God could create such cruelty. So then after praying and thinking about it, there is a medical condition called shock....ever see soul surfer? The girl had NO PAIN after her arm was ripped off.......she was in shock, it protected her from freaking out and losing more blood which saved her life.

    So I pray it is like that for animals as well.

    1. Exactly, that is why I don't want to eat animals, it makes me feel so bad for those innocent animals getting butchered and slaughtered to death. At lunch today I even gave away my sausages to another friend since I didn't want to eat it.

    2. then just be sure to get a good source of proteins so you can be healthy!

  4. Yay! Another vegetarian! Welcome to vegetarianism! :b I'm a vegetarian but I eat fish, and so is my sister. And it's ok to eat plants because when you take a lettuce leaf off the plant the plant carries on living, and it doesn't even hurt it. Lol!

  5. I'm vegetarian and I think you should become one too. ^_^ No pressure though.
    If you start missing the taste of meat, there is a type of mushroom that tastes savory like meat. I think it's called porcini.
    I believe all animals have souls, no matter how small they are. From grasshoppers to rabbits to chickens and so on, I believe they're all beautiful and deserve life.

    Also, meat isn't the only source of protein. There are LOADS of vegetarian foods with lots of it, like broccoli, spinach, peas, asparagus, yogurt, tofu, peanuts, avocado, barley, whole wheat toast, artichoke, lentils, cheese, pistachios, brown rice, etc.

  6. Whoa, Silvertail! I do the same thing, just white meat for me!! I want to become a full vegetarian sooo badly, but my mom insists I need my protein.

    Haha- I agree with Tiggerkat. It's okay for people to eat animals, just as long as it's not too often (example: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Balance it, in my opinion. I mean- who doesn't love a good BBQ? All though it's sad that people are not doing that now- it's just kill kill kill animals and put these poor creatures to waste.

    Also, I don't know if I'd want to become vegan. When I researched it, it's VEGAN'S that can't eat milk, eggs, animal products (so if your a fan of milkshakes or cake like I am, it would be sad to see them go!). Vegetarians just don't eat meat, but are free to eggs, milk, etc. Just warning you.

    Lastly, I wanted to compliment you on your blog...I really like it! XD I'll be looking out for more posts.

    PS- Tell your adorable Golden Retriever I said "woof"

    1. Sure, I will tell him I said woof! XD
      I wasn't even planning to become a vegan, and yeah, I know vegans can't eat dairy or eggs.
      My friends even say that vegans go to the store and buy a huge bag of almonds. Then the vegans smush the almonds and sqush it until it's mushy, and start wishing that it's a turkey. Awkward and gross right?


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