Saturday, September 29, 2012


Heyo Jammers.
Bad news
Selene wasn't even pregnant!
So I won't get my golden retriver from Selene!
But now my parents are going to assign another appointment with another golden retriever breeder.
UGH I'M SO MAD! I was so looking forward for Pip!
I'm so so so so mad!
I'm looking froward to the next one

Jam On Jammers! :)

Friday, September 28, 2012


Heyo Jammers!
Well this is a pic of Selene because...
she gave birth to Pip a few minutes ago!
I'm so excited!
I'm finally going to get a dog!
Jam On Jammers
(P.S This is short)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Freaky Skit

Heyo Jammers.
Here's a random skit


"I tried turning it down but it won't work!"

"Did you really lock her out?" "NO!"

"It works now!"

Pink wolf: "Who?"
Gray wolf: "Is it Justin Bieber?"
Pink wolf: OMG I love him!"
Brown wolf: "Shut up it isn't."
Pink and Gray wolf: "WHO IS IT!?"
Brown wolf: "You can come out now yellow dude."

Brown wolf: "What did you say again?"
Brown wolf: "Wait what?"
Pink wolf: "SHUT UP! The yellow dude is talking!" *smiles back at yellow dude*
Gray wolf: "He also told you his name is Bob."
Pink and Gray wolf start talking gibberish
Pink and gray wolf: "sdfdshfbdsfiuonfbihdsgfhdsifucy287346gb5hvjvyiufdihgvyuadsukfhsud."

Brown wolf: "I'm leaving."


Jam On Jammers

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's my 11th Birthday!

Heyo Jammers!
Today is my 11th Birthday!
My cake is a Reese Cup cake! XD
I'm really excited to try it! And if only I could give everyone a piece...
So yeah, I'm really excited that it's my birthday today!
And I won't forget... 
My future golden retriever Pip is going to be born on the 28th!
I'm so excited!
Anyways Jam On Jammers!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Heyo Jammers!

I'm really excited! I was like sweating when I as saying my speech.
And even better..
SYDNEY LOST TO ME! Sorry that I coudn't post a pic
since I'm not using my HP now.

Anyways.... I have so many plans for my school. Better food, since the lunch food SUCKS! No more oatmeal cookies, no more fake cheese on or pizza, no more broiled hamburgers, and yeah, mostly it's the school lunch I want to change so badly!
Too bad the school won't allow no homework or filed trips to Canoby lake.
I'm also thinking about the fundraisers. Like if a place is distructed (is that how you spell it?)
I'm thinking of doing a fundraiser for the place.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Running For Student Council

Heyo Jammers!
Well in school, I'm running for student council.

And I'm really really nervous. 

1. Because my Arch Enemy Sydney is running too
2. I lost in 3rd grade
3. I'm just nervous.

Well you read about this Sydney girl in the Bullying post and how she treats me.
I hope I can beat her. I'm not popular at all and she is popular. And mostly people in my class
even school, vote for popular people.
I hope I at least win.


Jam On Jammers!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two Names for Future Golden Retriever

Heyo Jammers!

Well I have like two names for the dog and I can't find out which is better!
Either Darcy or Pip. 

I really like both of them, 
1. Since they're names from my favorite books

2. They seem really simple and classic.

Which one is better to you? 
Pip or Darcy?

Hope you give me your opinion

Jam On Jammers!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Post

Heyo Jammers

Well to cheer up my-self from bullying, I decided to post something..
a song that I like

and me once it's done
*Normal Face*

So yeah..
Jam On Jammers


Heyo Jammers..

Well... so far at school I've been experiencing some bullying..
well mostly it's because of this popular new girl named Sydney.
She's been forcing me to sit at some awkward nerdy table just because she thinks I'm one.
And because of that, I've seen girls pointing at me, whispering at giggling to each other, and it really hurts my feelings. Some people have even been spreading rumours
about me liking this guy I don't even like.
And because of this Sydney girl... some of my friends are acting different. 
Like me and this girl loved to talk to each other about One Direction.
Now she's talking more with Sydney and I feel like she's ignoring me....
And another girl who is my friend and girlish behavior, is now having a girlish behavior and standing up for Sydney when I try to sit somewhere. I've never felt like this before. I'm so glad I'm getting a dog.


Jam On Jammers...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Some of the Pups from Selene

Heyo Jammers
Just wanted to show you some pictures of some pups from Selene's OTHER litter


I hope that rabbit isn't chocolate

Anyways, those are the pups from Selene's other litter.
She's going to give birth to another litter like in 3 weeks! 
And then I get to pick which male from the litter to adopt.


Jam On Jammers! :D

The Gangnam Style

Heyo Jammers!
As we all know, there is this Korean rapper named PSY who has made this music video called Gangnam Style. Because of this song, he became really famous around America!

The song is Korean, but once you listen to it, it gets stuck in your head, his dance looks really strange.
But  the song is like stuck in your head.

Some words are really weird in it, but still.


Jam On Jammers

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Going to Get A Golden Retriever!

Heyo Jammers!

I have something that some of you might not care about but... anyways

I'm getting a GOLDEN RETRIEVER in person!
I'm really, really excited! Here's a pic of the mother:

Her name is Selene. 
She didn't give birth to the puppy yet, so we're getting it in Mid November or something.
She gave birth to another litter like last year, and this year she's giving birth to another litter.

Jam On Jammers!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Meet Omnipotence!

Heyo Jammers!
Well, as you know Omnipotence hasn't been on for a long time (to me)
And I was so excited to actually meet her on AJ!

I was so happy! She just stood there though, and I just stood there staring at her 
so happy to actually see her. Anyways, that was just 
and random post and some of you people like
wouldn't even care and stuff but anyways...

Jam On Jammers!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

At the Party

Heyo Jammers
Well you know about AJ B-day
2nd birthday
And there's a party, so I'm thinking of posting about it
(I won't show what is on sale though, sorry)
When you enter, your like buried in sand
And then a number 2 at the top of this cake.

Then there's like come ice cream, cookies, and other sweets (I think there should be Reese Cups)
and some shaman statues.

Sorry that I didn't show what was on sale.. but
Jam On Jammers!

The Birthday Cake

Heyo Jammers!
As we all know, it is AJ's 2nd birthday!
And there's a code called BIRTHDAYBASH
And then you get this big, humongous, blue cake
It's bigger than my wolf O.O

But I like the color way better than the brown ones last year :P
Yup, there big, but better... :L


Jam On Jammers

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lost Colony of Roanoke

Heyo Jammers
at my school I'm learning about this colony called Roanoke.
It is said that people once lived there, until 3 years later it disappeared.
It is unknown what happened to the Colony
so people around America (possibly the whole world)
are trying out different types of theories, such as, maybe the Native Americans killed them
The last thing the Governor and some other people  found was a sign that said
Which was an actual island near Roanoke, and meaning that the settlers island or got killed by the Native American tribe Croatoan. 
It still remains a mystery about how the colony mysteriously disappeared.
Here are the top four favorite theories:

1. They simply just moved to another island.

2. They died from a disease.

3. They starved because they didn't know how to grow crops there.

4. The settlers got killed or captured by the Native Americans

If your learning this in school tell me!
(even though you might not.. oui)

Jam On Jammers!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where most what I call 'Rare Maniacs' Are found

Heyo Jammers
Yeah, well I'm going to post where most 
are found and mostly it's in the full sever Aldan.
Well some of them aren't that rare, but they think they're so rare and all
This is a person who thinks their rare

and this is a real Rare Maniac
And that dude or dudet is wearing non mem bat wings

And the server (I told you twice but)


So yeah

Jam On Jammers

The things on my Other Account and Bullying

Heyo Jammers
I copied the bullying things from a lot of other blogs, like the Animal Jam Lotus
and jammie263's Animal Jam Freindship
One thing (I'm not going to sing that One Direction song :L)
I hate bullying
And like every 40 seconds someone dies from commiting suicide.
And how come they commit suicide? 
One word: BULLYING
Yeah, like people who got bullied think: 'Maybe my life is worthless, and my life is worth nothing.' 
And that's how people well commit suicide.
So yeah, this is my bullying statement, and I want bullying to STOP

and the things on my other account OneDirection1DisAwesome

Yeah, there poor rares, Idk why i showed them :P
If only they had Reese Cups..


Jam On Jammers

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Account

Heyo Jammers
I made a new account
yes, I am very crazy about 1D :P
So I will be using that account a lot

And I think I found a new world :P
Idk if I did, but at least I tried

Jam On Jammers

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Latest Disease

Heyo Jammers
Have you been getting a disease called
One Direction Infection?
Yup, I've got that sickness, girls in my school have too
Some of then are like screaming
MR. CARROTS  (Louie)

It's pretty annoying :P
Yeah, lol
Well I only like their songs
Not the boys 
and mostly those girls in my school who like the boys are one of my pet peeves
And some people say 1D is better than Justin Bieber
Which is TRUE! (In my world :P)

Jam On Jammers

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The New Story

Heyo Jammers

You might have already read the new story and stuff
but for the people new to this blog
I just want to say you may read my new story The Battle Of Jamaa
I hope you really like it and yeah
(This is a short post :P)


Jam On Jammers

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Party

Heyo Jammers
Well these are pictures jammie263 held and I'm posting about it since she told me to on her site and my site

Jam On Jammers

About my Life at School

Heyo Jammers
Well you know a lot about the time in school, I just started 5th grade but at my place it's still counted in Elementary School. And really there's nothing bad about it, and I'm glad they don't put 5th grade in Middle School at my place. Why? Because of how I don't have to go from place to place. But I learned the teacher I have gives a lot of homework... and we have this huge binder with like all the subjects we are going to learn, like math, science, reading, social studies and yeah, so far I'm enjoying it and I'm glad this teacher won't give my class homework on the weekends :D. So as you can I see, I won't be playing AJ that much. 
You may think I'm posting this for like no reason, but I am. I'm posting this because I want to show my thoughts and feelings about the new school year. I got my favorite teacher, (that's good), but sometimes I regret that I didn't get another teacher who like gives you candy for free even if you get a question wrong, and some of my classmates call him awesome.... it's strange. I'm separated from my friends back in fourth grade and I was hoping to be in jammie263's class (since I know her in person) but it ended up she got something different and I got sorta lonely and I felt like a loner .-.
Anyways that's my life as a 5th grader and...