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The Battle of Jamaa

Before the battle started, everything was peaceful, Father Zios and his beloved wife Mother Mira were always together in happiness, smiling and dancing each day. Until one day, Zios suddenly disappeared and was never found. Because of Mira's despair and sadness she had, her darkness turned to phantoms which had been haunting Jamaa ever since. War was spreading, peace was found nowhere, but however it was hope who was trying to satisfy people, but still, people were still frightened and scared of the phantoms. 
Then one day, the shamans of Jamaa gave up just sitting there and waiting for the battle to stop. So they entered the battle.


There was a little rabbit named Snowflake TheBunny, also named Snow, who was always accompanied by her friend Fauna. They were always happy and laughed, even when Jamaa was at war.
"The place is at war so what?" Snow asked "If they are at war either one of them win! Why panic?" asked Fauna. But then came Priness TheWolf, also called The Brat since she thought she was so smart. "Gosh you two rabbits are SO stupid! Can't you even recognize how much trouble Jamaa is in?" The Brat said rolling her eyes. Snow and Fauna clearly ignoring The Brat just laughed and  hopped away. Then while Fauna and Snow where walking they then heard a deep voice coming from behind their backs
"Fight in the war or die a coward!"
"Wow, where did that come from?" asked Fauna. "No idea." Suddenly out came the spirit of Father Zios.
"I have heard what you two where talking about, and I think it was very foolish to say those words." he said.
"We're very sorry Father Zios." Fauna and Snow said "Sadly, you two will have to still fight in the battle."
Then suddenly The Brat came out of nowhere and fainted when she saw the spirit of Zios. "Anyways... I shall turn you both into a wolf so that you can fight in the battle." Suddenly, Snow and Fauna really did turn to wolves. "I name you Snow, Myth, and you Fauna, Infinity. While being at war you shall be led by Sir." Then the wolf Sir came out, he had sharp blue eyes and brown fur with black scars, while Myth and Infinity were just asking "are you strong enough?" Then The Brat woke up, when she saw his face she fainted again.
"Awkward." Myth and Infinity said making a troll face at her. "Hello," said Sir "I will be your leader once we enter the battle." "Yeah, we got that." Replied Myth still making a troll face at The Brat. "Now." Said Father Zios "I will give each of you your weapons, gloves and hats." Suddenly Myth was well dressed, with a dark blue fox hat, a black sword, a leaf necklace, and a blue legend glove. "Wow!" Said Infinity, wearing a blue stripped top and wearing a similar sword, necklace, and glove just like Myth. "Well now," said Zios
"You are ready to battle!"

A while later Myth, Infinity, and Sir where found themselves standing in the battle, full of of other animals fighting the phantoms. "What now?" asked Infinity. "Now," replied Sir. "Now we should go and get some phantoms to destroy!" Then a phantom went whizzing by, nearly killing Myth until she slashed it and turned it to dust.

"I hope that was a phantom." Myth said. Then out of nowhere a huge wailing sound came out "PARTY!!!" Then out came a huge group full of horses, wearing rainbow colored mohawks, over sized sunglasses, and more weird stuff. "Yo, Sir!" said a horse galloping by. "Sorry but I have no time to talk, DESTROY PHANTOMS NOW!" Then the horses squirted paint guns at it, which turned the phantoms from a color to dust. Some even shot the paint out of NERF guns. And the arrows didn't end in points, instead then ended in boxing gloves or the arrows had a point but with some paint on it. "Did you just see that?" asked Infinity to Myth. While Myth was still staring she watched as the horses destroyed lots of phantoms which left only a few hundred left. While the other few phantoms ran away in shock, it was official,
Jamaa had won the battle.

(P.S. Sorry if this story was really boring to you)


The Reese Cup Mystery

It was at 3:00 am when Tiggerkat's very own precious mouth-watering Reese Cup was stolen from an evil, random thief. It was unknown who was the thief until Tiggerkat came and called TB (thebeatles0042) for help.
"HELP MY REESE CUP IS GONE!" screamed Tiggerkat "Calm down Tiggerkat, everything will be just fine." While TB was searching for clues, Jammie came and knocked the door. "Hey Tiggerkat, I heard your Reese Cup was stolen." "Don't worry Jammie, everything will be fine, oh and, do you mind if you help me?" asked TB. "Sure." and then they both went on searching. While nearly searching the whole Jamaa, they found nothing. "We're very sorry Tiggerkat, but we couldn't find anything!" "NO! I don't want to eat Kit Kats for the rest of my life!" moaned Tiggerkat. "Calm down." Jammie said. Then came Tasmanian (Tasmanian Tiger) "I'm sorry that your Reese Cups got stolen." apologized Tasmanian "You stole the Reese Cups? O.O" asked Tiggerkat. "Uh.. no, I just came her to comfort you. :L" said Tasmanian. "Oh." she replied, and then sat down. "Do you want me to help though?" asked Tasmanian. "The more the merrier." muttered Jammie. Then they went on looking for clues. "Found anything yet?" Asked Tiggerkat slumping down. "Erm.. no not yet.... sadly :(" said  TB "Dang." muttered Tiggerkat. The Cocoafang came out and asked "Um.. hey Tiggerkat, well I was just wondering is THIS your lost Reese Cup?" Tiggerkat bounced to Cocoafang, observing it to see if it was really the one. "Sadly, that isn't the one." Tiggerkat sighed. "I'm sorry Tiggerkat, for getting the wrong one." apologized Cocoafang. "Oh, no, it's fine." replied Tiggerkat. While TB and Tasmanian were trying their best to find at least one finger print, they still found nothing. "I'm sorry Tiggerkat, but we can't find anything." Until came out a random seal, then the seal said "Guess who stole your Reese Cups." smiled the seal "WHO?" asked Tiggerkat, springing up on her tail. "Me." Said the seal.
Then she ran away. "GET HER!" Yelled Jammie. Then they all ran to get the Reese Cups. Out came the police. "Your will get arrested pretty soon you young seal!" Snarled the police as they put her in hand cuffs.
"WOOHOO! I GOT MY REESE CUPS BACK!" "I will get you for this." snarled the seal.
And then the evil seal was gone.
Then everyone celebrated. While KitKat was there sitting and getting really annoyed
Everyone else had fun. And that is the Mystery Of the Reese Cups


The Ω Sign
When Jamaa had finally shooed away the phantoms... something was still missing. No one knew, they only knew that if someone had found the sign of Omega.. the problem would be solved.
Later on...

Myth and Infinity still couldn't believe that they had fought in the battle against the phantoms. While The Brat was still stalking the wolf Sir and sending him letters writing out 'Hey I just met you, and this is crazy! But here's my number... so call me maybe? :)' While Sir was staring at it, Myth and Infinity just laughed and troll eyed at The Brat behind her back. Then one day, Sir was catching up with Myth and Infinity and asked "Did you hear about that Omega sign thingy? The Shamans are now trying to find the sign too." The Brat then just came up and "Oh I heard about it." and winked at Sir. Sir just ignored her and said "So.. I was thinking maybe we should go and find it." "Err..."  hesitated Myth staring at Infinity for an answer. "I don't know if we should." whispered Infinity to Myth. "It's worth a chance." muttered Myth. "We'll just go." said Myth and Infinity. "I will go too." Said The Brat quickly staring at Sir's face. "Well then.." said Sir. "Lets go!"

"First clue?" asked Myth. "Lost Temple of Zios. I don't know why I'm just guessing, because I'm pretty sure that place has a lot of mysteries to find out." said Sir, not looking very sure. "Oh you will be fine, and me I'm so smart and finding out what is out there!" exclaimed The Brat smiling as if she were so smart. "She should SO get a life." whispered Infinity to Myth. "Agree." replied Myth. And then they walked on. While they were walking, they suddenly found a sign that said 'GO DOWN' and under the sign was a huge cave. "Who will go?" asked Infinity. "I will go." said Myth. "Me too." said Sir "We should all go then." said Infinity. "Uh.. but what about my nails? There so sharp and pretty, that I don't want them chipped when we enter!" shuddered The Brat. "Oh shut up about your stupid nails and help us!" said Myth angrily.  As they entered the cave they found themselves in a deep rocky place filled with ugly looking fireball phantoms.  "Watch out! yelled Myth, as a huge ugly looking phantom charged at Infinity. As Infinity ducked aside the phantoms charged at the ground and turned to dust. "Oh my god! My nails! They got chipped!" wailed The Brat "Please tell her to stop caring about her nails." whispered Infinity to Myth. "Just ignore her for now, she's just trying to get attention." Myth replied. 

The group followed every thing they found on rocks such as saying: 'Go this way ->' Or 'Go that way <---' it was so tiring that they had to stop and rest. "Oh man look at my pretty brown silky fur! It's also RUINED! It feels like a rough carpet now! Thanks a lot Myth, and you too Infinity! You two had to go out and think about going to this CAVE!" moaned The Brat "Shut up already Little Miss Perfect would you rather get ugly or help Jamaa?" asked Infinity sharply. "What is the next clue Sir?" asked Myth, ignoring what The Brat had just said. "Well the next clue... hmm.. it says here that we're almost near the Omega sign." said Sir surprised that they were near the sign. "And I will be the first to find it." bragged The Brat smiling to herself. "Yeah right." muttered Myth. "Anyways... we're almost near the sign as I said... so yeah, no more clues needed anymore!" As they walked they found more signs going there or there. Finally they had found the sign!!  Then there on a rock, the sign, Ω, was carved out. "Wow." said Infinity, amazed to spot the sign along with Myth. "We're the first to see it!" said Myth looking at Infinity happily. Sir came out before The Brat came, trudging and looking as if she had gotten whack with a pan by a million monkeys. "I told you I was the first to see it!" said The Brat smiling to herself. "Look again Miss Perfect." said Myth smiling sneakily. "Oh... good for you two." snarled The Brat. "I will get you next time anyways." The Brat replied. "One of you have to touch it to bring happiness to Jamaa." said Sir. "It was happiness Jamaa was missing?" asked Myth. "Yeah. You didn't know?" asked Sir. "Oh um.. never mind." Myth said back. "Well who is going to touch it?" asked Infinity. The, Myth new what to do. She stood up right on top of the stone beneath the Omega sign. "I will." she muttered. And there she stood. Then she pressed her paw against the Omega sign, stared right at it and said: "Omega bring us happiness." Suddenly, a huge surge of light blinded Myth, Infinity, Sir, and The Brat. While The Brat was wailing that she couldn't see, Myth and Infinity were smiling that they had finally made Jamaa a happy place.

 "You guys had done well." said a voice. Then out came Liza the panda Shaman. The Brat gasped. "You have saved Jamaa, and brought the world back to happiness." said Greely proudly. "How can we thank you?" asked Peck. While Myth and Infinity were staring at the shamans wide eyed, they had no answer. "Well?" asked Cosmos. "Um.. we wouldn't like anything, but we do like how we got back the happiness." said Sir. "Well then." said Sir Gilbert. "We shall escort you back to Jamaa."  Once Infinity, Myth, Sir, and The Brat came back, everyone was so happy to see the heroes. While everyone was happy to see Myth, Infinity, and Sir, people completely ignored The Brat. "Hey! I helped!" wailed The Brat. "You wail too much." said a blue monkey. "I DO NOT!" screamed The Brat. But the blue monkey completely ignored The Brat and went on having fun.

And that is the story of how Jamaa came to be.


(I hope you like it!)

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