Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Speech on bullying & Amanda Todd

We all know that bullying is the worst thing in life, and we know about the sad suicide of Amanda Todd. 
It's just too depressing to think about but here's my speech.

Here's one thing to say, Bullying is NOT good.
It's the worst thing in life! See what you did to Amanda? See what you did to many other victims you bullied? Well all I want to say is: SHAME ON YOU BULLIES.
Bullies are just cowards that are too afraid to fight back, so how do they fight back? They bully people.
And they bully the victims for no reason. I just hate bullying, in fact bullying makes me more angry than sad. I just wish this world would be a peaceful place, I wish there was no such thing as bullying. I wish that bullies would be stopped. I wish bullies didn't even live at all. 
Even though it is sad to loose many victims including Amanda Todd, I'm so glad that they are protected by the lord himself. Holding hands and looking down at the world, giving the world happiness.
Signing off no!

Funny Invisible Cat Images!

While I was viewing these really funny cat pics I knew I had to show it to you!


Cats eat corn....

Gangnum Style!


Looks like Harry Styles betrayed his cat!


I know what you're thinking: 'WHo you lookin' at?'

Is it me or are you really crying?

Can you give me some??

SO yeah these are the really funny cat pics
you can find them on ajrphotogallery.blogspot.com
Because there is more there.
Here I am Signing Off now!

Nice Heading Pic?

Well the current heading picture... I'm not so sure of so I picked is good, I thoguht this one was pretty good, so how about this one?:
Yeah it may look small on this one but it will grow once I put it on the blog o.o
Oh wait... I already put it for the heading picture, but still what do you think of it?
Signing off now!

Still No School

Today there is STILL NO SCHOOL!!!
It's so annoying! I was hoping that today there was going to be school.
It's like only drizzling here, and I ask my dad:
"So there's no school today because of these drizzles?"
Then my dad says: "No, because of the Hurricane Sandy, it knocked down trees which caused the electricity to go out."
Me: "Oh."

Looking at this picture scares me, I'm afraid that I might drown into the water when I'm not.
Don't worry, I will be safe since I live inside of Massachusetts. 
Not near the coast (Again)
So as you recognize this is a very short post.
I don't have any homework, so I'm bored.
Signing off now!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Watch it

This is a video by nigahiga, a YouTube celebrity.
He makes way too many random funny videos, and is that bad?
No, it's good!
This video is a video to all haters
It might have some really awkward stuff that are fake, but just ignore it.

And this is Mitt Romney Style

It's a Gangnum Style parody, and really I think it's trying to make people laugh, not offend the Republican fans. And this video actually makes Democrat fans think that Romney isn't that good. I personally don't care who wins the elections, I only care if they at least help America. Mitt Romney style is also seen in collegehumor.com and college humor was the one that posted this. And in this video it's actually a person acting like Mitt Romney. And ignore the curses since there only 2 curses.

Anyways, signing off now!

Hurricane Sandy & Picture Heading

There's a hurricane hitting the east coast, which is the coast I live in.
So there's no school.
Yes you may be thinking, 'Wow you're lucky that there's no school for you.'
But really, I'm no so lucky. It's because this hurricane could make my house and many other houses on the east coast loose power. 


Recognize how it will hit Massachusetts, my home state? It's going to hit the whole New England.
But since I'm not near the beach or coastline, there's only going to be some heavy wind and rain. 
So don't panic, I won't die!

Anyways, lets go to the good news!
Well, I changed my blog title to The Architecture Inspiration of Pi, since I want to be an archtect when I grow up. So I'm planning to add a picture of a piece of architecture for the picture heading.
Is this one good?:

Signing off!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

10 Reasons why AJ isn't addicting anymore

Heyo Jammers!
Well I will type 10 reasons why AJ isn't that addicting.

• It gave my worst grade: a B+ when I normally got straight A+s.

• Because of not playing AJ that much I got a lot of A-s, As, and A+s on my tests.

• Last year in fourth grade I kept getting B+s, my worst grade, because of AJ

• It's not as fun now.

• There are many more scammers now than before.

• It's not as addicting as Chicken Smoothie.. for me.

• I need to take care of my Golden retriever... ALOT

•Losing too many friends, in fact, my very closest friend, xxBananaxx on AJ, died from a tornadoe in Joplin, Missouri.

• Blogging is more fun to me now.

and last but not least, 10

• It ruined my grades last year.

I hope you all understand. Thanks!

See ya!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Not going to post much.. AGAIN

Heyo Jammers!
I apologize for not posting for so long! 
I've been thinking, that maybe I won't post very often, only once a week.
It's because now I'm focusing more on my tests and homework now.
So far I've been recieving lots of As, A+s, and A-s, 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sorry for not posting.. again...

Heyo Jammers!
I'm very sorry that I haven't posted for so long on this blog! It's just that I have homework and Kumon (O.O) And Math Olympiad things that I have to do. And I'm into Chicken Smoothie now. :P
Another reason I won't be posting that much is because of my new Golden Retriever, Peter. :)
I will mostly be playing with Peter, walking him, and caring for him. 
And to tiggerkat- I will ALWAYS eat Reese Cups! 
My signature got emptied by the Trash on my MacBook... so I won't be posting on the signature either.
I hope all you jammers enjoy your new school year!
Jam On Jammers!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super HeroCape

Heyo Jammers!
The latest thing on sale today is...
A Super HeroCape! For 400 gems.
Extra credit goes to jammie263  for the picture, since I'm using my IBM laptop o.o
So get your Super HeroCape at Bahari Bargains for 400 gems!
Jam On Jammers! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

New laptop= NO PICTURES O.O

Heyo Jammers!
Well, there's this new computer, and the keyboard is so confusing, and even worse
This computer is an IBM, no wonder! The less confusing ones I'm used to is my MacBook or HP laptop, but the HP died :( I loved that laptop.
This laptop has pretty slow memory and it takes forever to load o.o
But looking on the GOOD side it's a laptop :| That's all..
So I won't be porting my signature since I'm not on my MacBook, that is still alive.
Jam On Jammers! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The New Details & Mech Wings

Heyo Jammers
Well I was in Jamaa wondering around when I found this:
Probably some new details they added
And then I found the Mira statue was replaced with a phantom statue
Don't mind that panda in the background, and the candy corn isn't on the phantom statue's head.
And the phantom in the back is ANOTHER decoration
And then I found a non member with the REAL MECH WINGS
If you want to know her user here's her profile:
I don't think it's on trade since the thing is super rare. 
WHo checked out the into the Phantom Vortex? Instead of the regular phantom statue there was THIS:
It's now a Phantom Fountain. I like the Phantom statues better though XD and instead of going up to level 10 to get the prize (for me last year) I got up to level 4 and got the prize.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sorry that I won't post much

Heyo Jammers!
Sorry that I won't post that much, it's because of school.
We don't get that much homework and stuff, but once I'm done with my Kumon and other homework, I have to go to something else, and I'm like not free anymore O.O
So yea, I won't be posting ANY news sadly, only on holidays, like Winter Vacation, and ALOT on Summer Vacation!
I apologize for not posting a lot, and I hope you jammers have a great school year!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not posting what is on sale

Heyo Jammers!
Well, I can't post my signature now... since my mom deleted it by accident...
but ANYWAYS :P......
When I was veiwing jammie263's blog, she posted something about the normal old Jamaa Central, and then when I clicked it, I recognized that one of the wolves on the picture had a weird glitch
Don't you see something weird? Like that fire pattern normally goes through the neck to the belly, but on this it only show that it goes up to the bottom of the mouth..
Well, you can disagree with me on this but still, it's strange.
Jam On Jammers

Monday, October 8, 2012

Chicken Smoothie

Heyo Jammers!
Have you ever heard of Chicken Smoothie? Well you all must have but still...
Some of them are common but I want like this horse:
It looks pretty cool to me. And some extremely rare ones like this 'Warrior Cat' one
This one is on my wish list, but since I just joined it's most likely I won't get it XD
It doesn't look like a Warrior Cat, but jammie263 sister told me it is in the Warrior Cats 'part.'..?
So if you join today, you will se a lot of rare pets owned by this user named Tess, 
and my user is XxSilverMockingBirdx
Jam On Jammers!

Rare Item Monday

Heyo Jammers!
Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, it's just that I went to the White Mountains with jammie263
So the Rare Monday today is...
Rare Big Skull for 900 gems!
Really? This expensive?
Not to be picky but, I think it should be at lest 300 or at least 250 gems :P
Jam On Jammers

Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Picture Using my MacBook

Heyo Jammers,
This is just a picture of my animal that I used with my MacBook
I hope it won't get the question mark later!
Jam On Jammers!

Phantom Hat

Heyo Jammers,
THe thing on sale today is a...
Phantom Hat! For only 250 gems!
You can get it at the Jam Mart Clothing.
By the way here is a picture of a golden retriever from a breeder we know:
So yeah, this is an 8 week old,
My family decided to get a 10 month old.
SO anyways
Jam On Jammers!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Heyo Jammers! 
Sorry to be running late!
The thing on sale today is....
A tutu, I think....
So yeah, you can buy it at Bahari Bargains for only 350 gems!
By the way, if you're noticing that I'm posting what is on sale each day, it is because I want to post what is on sale each day.... and I mean it! >:D
And buy yours today or else they go bankrupt! (JK)
Jam ON Jammers!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Animal World Banners...?

Heyo Jammers!
Today on sale is the...

Animal Wolrd Banner...
I forgot what the name of it is...
So yeah this is a short post anyways...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vampire Mask

Heyo Jammers!
Sorry to be running late, but the item on sale today is...
A vampire mask!

Get yours today, or else we go bankrupt!

Anyways Jam ON Jammers

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

AJ Videos

Heyo Jammers
Sorry that I'm running late, I had to do Kumon.
Anyways here are some videos.

Click the link, it's really funny. EGGS

Also click this one it's pretty funny, it's by gingerpawz and awesomerocker27

Sorry that I couldn't post the videos, it's just that whenever I try to copy the URL it gets to some other random video.
Creature Mask is on sale today and the Jam Mart Clothing!


Monday, October 1, 2012

(No subject)

Heyo Jammers
Sorry that I didn't post much
But I created a new blog it's called:
I hope you become a member of it since I didn't yet.. :|
Anyways I did my post already about stopping bullying and stuff
By the way can you snap after you clap? This girl in my class can it  seems pretty hard.
The member gift today is...
Tarantula.... You can create it, and when you click it it bounces on a spider web.
Jam On Jammers!