Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost the end of 2012

Well I know this is a bit to early to post about the end of 2012, but I just want to say what an awesome year this has been!
In January, I developed my very first blog. Animal Jam thebeatles0042 & hope4meg.
I had so much fun! All my supporters of that blog included jammie263, tiggerkat, ilovemypets8, hope4meg, and much more. I just want to say thanks for helping me go on as a blogger! :)
Anyways, a few months later like in early July or late June, the blog got deleted since my email address got deleted when I tried to join Google+.
Then, jammie263 sent me a request, asking if I would like to be apart of her blog. I accepted, I was happier. 
Soon I made my own blog, this very blog, The Architecture Inspiration of Pi.
And I still have my supporters, jammie263, tiggerkat, ilovemypets8, TheSafari07/08, Jenny7. Thank you.
I made many new blogger friends too, most of them are supporters.
It feels as if I just hand-shaked 2012 in January like one week ago. Now it feels like I'm hugging it goodbye.
I will really miss the Summer Olympics this year. But in 2014 at Russia, there will be my most favorite sport, Figure Skating, I'm really looking forward to that.
So yup, that's my post on my thanks to all of my new blogger friends and supporters.
Just two simple words for you guys.
Thank you.

Anyways, that's my post!
Signing off!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

First of all, I would like to ask if anyone had a good Thanksgiving, if you did... great, if you didn't.... then someday, you will be just like me. I didn't get to finish my turkey, the stuffing was a bit salty, but the mashed potatoes tasted GOOD.
Okay anyways, you might be busy with this Black Friday commotion

Every time on the Black Friday, everyone comes to JCPenny or Gap or Best Buy... all those famous places that people go to. Plus people go to these types of stores at Midnight. Sometimes, I think it's just me or are people getting nocturnal on Black Fridays. 
The reason why people EXPLODE and start to jostle in to these stores is because the prices turn cheaper  than the original price. 
This is what a store looks like when it's Black Friday or Cyber Monday:

Yup, it looks like that. 
So if you are going to a store on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can comment about how cheap the price was and compare it with the original expensive price.

Signing off! 
(Have a good day!)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The 2012 National Dog Show

Well, a few minutes ago the winner of the 2012 National dog show was revealed!
It was presented by Purina, a very famous company that sponsors many kinds of food.
So anyways the winner of the show was.....


I have to admit, it's a beautiful dog. 
It's now the Champion of the Champions!
There were over 2,000 types of breeds participating in the show.
Only 7 would make it to the results. Until one was the winner.
I was sort of hoping that the Tibetan Spaniel would win XD

But hey, I love any type of dog, and I would love to congratulate the Wire Fox Hair Terrier for winning.
Signing off!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Look for Blogger Profile

Just look.....

Notice: This is a short post

Happy Birthday Peter! and Thanksgiving

Today is my Golden Retriever's birthday! Today he is turning one years old, so me and my family are celebrating the his birthday with him. :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!
This is Peter, I took a picture of this at the day of Hurricane Sandy:

this isn't him, but here's a better pic of how he looks like, by the way, that dog is his uncle, I'm not joking!: 

Okay, so now onto Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 and lasted for at least 3 days.
And plus some really interesting facts: The Pilgrims and the Native Americans ate more seafood and deer meat than turkey. One more: They only ate with their fingers, spoons, and knives. No forks at all.
Thanksgiving mostly is about the Native Ameircan tribe (The Wampanoag) and the Pilgrims bringing peace together,..... if my facts are wrong, sorry, it's just that I sometimes forget easily
Signing off! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Fab/Fierce Five

The latest post was a bit insulting, so I decided to delete it.
Anyways, we all know that Barack Obama has been elected to be President of the United States.
And we also know that during  the 2012 London Olympics, the Fab/ Fierce Five (Mckayla Maroney, Ally(Alexandra)Raisman, Gabby(Gabbrielle) Douglas, Jordyn Wieber, and Kyla Ross) in the U.S Woman's Gymnastics Team, won the gold at last. After they won, they were world-wide famous, they were everywhere, they were in the VMA's, on commercials, and they even met the current President
Here's a picture of Mykayla Maroney and Obama doing Maroney's most famous smirk or not-so-impressed face:

Haha, I love her smirk, it makes me laugh. She made this face when she won the silver in the women's vault, I was hoping she would win the gold too. Oops, going off topic.
In case you don't know how these inspiring girls look like, here(I don't need to show Mckayla, she's shown on top with Obama):
Gabrielle Douglas

She became the first African-American to win the gold in the Olympics, cool right?

Ally Raisman is from my home-state :D 
So cool!

A lot of people say that Jordyn and Ally are really good friends :)

And last but not least: Kyla Ross!

I love her and the rest of the team's smile! :D

So that's my post on the not-so-impressed smirk and the Fab/Fierce Five!

Signing off! :D

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Scariest News, EVER

Yesterday I learned from my mom that a firewoman got mauled by her mastiff. Scary right?
This is the woman that got attacked:

The attack from the dog happened at Monday, it was reported by her husband... I think.
Anyways, mastiffs are HUGE, and this she owned a 104 pound one. 
This is how a mastiff looks like:

Mostly, I think of these HUGE, BIG dogs as gigantic teddy bears wanting to cuddle up and hug you.
But so far, there are at least two big, scary dogs I know.

1. German Shepard
2. Mastiff

Luckily the kind of breed I own, a Golden Retriever, are REAL calm and patient dogs. 
For you jammers who own tough dogs, don't worry so much, it's most likely for you to get to age a hundred than get attacked by a dog, in fact dog attacks are so rare.
Bye, bye!

Signing off!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Thanksgiving - The worst song in my LIFE

In America it's almost Thanksgiving, and what are we NOT thankful for?
Of course the song 'It's Thanksgiving'!
I will tell you what I think just watch the video first. If you didn't watch it yet, you're very lucky

Okay, now you are done watching it... right?
Well if you are, let me tell you my thoughts of it.
Last year, the song 'Friday' gave everybody a headache, and a bad attitude...
This, to me, is just as bad. Plus, isn't Thanksgiving on the 22nd not 28th?

This guy might show up:

He's the founder of this music company. If you're looking for someone to blame over 'It's Thanksgiving' and 'Friday' he's the one. Well, that's what a YouTuber said at least
And when she said :"AYE!" it sounded like "EGG!" to me
So anyways, this is my post

Signing off!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Latest One Direction Album

Yesterday on November 12th, 2012, One Direction's 2nd album was released.
The name of this album is Take Me Home

I listed to several of the songs, my most favorite though is Little Things.
I only know that their first song released from Take Me Home was 'Live While We're Young'. 
While working on the album, there have been some songs that are claimed to be the real song, when actually, it is fake. 
Their first album was Up All Night.

This is One Direction:

There songs from this new album is:

1. ‘Live While We’re Young’
2. ‘Kiss You’
3. ‘Little Things’
4. ‘C’mon, C’mon’
5. ‘Last First Kiss’
6. ‘Heart Attack’
7. ‘Rock Me’
8. ‘Change My Mind’
9. ‘I Would’
10. ‘Over Again’
11. ‘Back for You’
12. ‘They Don’t Know About Us’
13. ‘Summer Love’
14. ‘She’s Not Afraid’
15. ‘Loved You First’
16. ‘Nobody Compares’
17. ‘Still the One’

Yes, I'm a fan of them, but I don't like the boys, I just like the band and the music.

Anyways I hope you enjoy!

Signing off! :D

Monday, November 12, 2012

1K Views and Others

I'm so happy to say that this blog has 1K views now! 
That's the good news, and I would like to thank all you people for viewing this blog, and I will be sure to view your blog in thanks! *Gives tiggerkat a Reese Cup*

So onto the bad news... sadly. Well today at skating practice, I was doing my lutz, and what did my skating coach say? She said: "Do it again." I did it again and again and again, then finally my coach said : "It's ridiculous." and then said a million more things that I should do to improve. I tried to accept
the criticism, but I couldn't take it, I got so frustrated, then all of my others were really bad too. 
Skating is practically my life. I need to pass at least 5 more levels until almost every month is a competition. I don't know if I should quit or not.
I have loved this sport ever since I started. It's, again my whole life. 

I want to read your comments about your thoughts, should I quit my dream sport, or should I not give up? I hope you comment!

Signing off!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I apologize for not posting for so long.
So far, there hasn't been so many comment, which is pretty upsetting for me .-.

I understand that you guys have too much homework and have only have a limit of time to go on the computer. But the latest comment, by jammie263, was nothing apart of my post. Instead she commented something like: "Your Peter's Letter says sorry this post is gone. So you must have done something wrong." Which was like nothing apart of my post. 
I'm just in a really bad mood now, so sorry if this insults you.
Signing off!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friendships, can be different!

You jammers may know that I know jammie263 in person and is my closest friend.
Well, we have somethings different.

• I have a writing genetic, so mostly writing is my life... even though I want to become an architect, with involves math.

• Jammie263's parent's are scientists, that's all I know. And since normally science has math, it's totally her thing!

So far I can only think of two, but it's true!

This is my personality, a book, and yes, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of my favorites!:

I just LOVE to read books by Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Rick Riordan, Harper Lee, Jane Austin, Suzzaine Collins, ... to much to name! Oh and J.K. Rowling!

And this is jammie263: 

Math, science. Those stuff. I don't know who she likes that are like that but you get what I mean.

Okay, so you may think this is a bad thing, but actually, it's a good thing! I can aways learn math from her. I don't know if she can learn LA (language arts) from me or (reading).

SO anyways
Signing off!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day :O

Today is getting pretty intense now!
The whole U.S.A will find out who their new president is, Romney or Obama!
And plus my state needs to know if Democrat, Elizabeth Warren, or Republican, Scott Brown, will be the senator of my state! Whose is excited now?
Are you feeling, intensity, excitement, happiness, or just simply normal? 
 I just want 7:00ET p.m to really quickly, way too excited!

Romney or...


Please leave a comment behind to tell me who you want to win.
Signing off now!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be.. Election Day!
So tomorrow I won't have any school, and while my mom is at work, me and my dad will be on the computer a lot! 
Okay anyways, back to the topic! :D
There are two candidates running, Romney and Obama.


and of course

As I said I don't care who wins, I only care if they at least help America survive.
Romney, as I said, was the governor of my state, Massachusetts, and lots say he did a very good job at it. But really, since Massachusetts is in New England, it's a Democrat state. So most likely, There will be more Democrat voters than Republican voters.
(Romney is Republican) (Obama is Democrat)

Mitt Romney                          Vs.                    Barack Obama

We will see who will be the president tomorrow, is it going to once again be Obama?
Or will Romney soon take the office? We shall see tomorrow night on the news :)
Signing off now! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Be Yourself

This post is about, just be yourself.
Here it goes.....:
It's good to be yourself. If you turn new, everyone will hate you. 
You have to be sure about what you are, are you random, weird, stubborn, stupid, or strange?
If you're stubborn or stupid, it doesn't matter. 
It really means your being yourself. I'm one of the most randomest people in my class. So what?
People think I'm awkward and don't care about me, so what? It's their problem. 

You HAVE to be sure about yourself. I'm sure that I'm random, I'm sure that I can be hyper, I have a writing  genetic, I'm sure about what I am. 

And I have six words for you:
Be Different, Be Unique, Be Yourself.

(Signing off now!) :)

20 Reasons Kids HATE Homework

I was browsing some randoms things about homework on the computer when I hit this:
20 Reasons Kids Hate Homework

Here are the reasons:

1. Stresses out me
2. Not everyone has a computer
3. Takes too much time to complete
4. Takes away from my free time
5. Staying up late makes me tired
6. I get cranky when I am tired
7. Pressure and guilt if I don't do it
8. No teacher to help me understand it
9. It is boring
10. Takes away from after school sports
11. Takes away from doing chores
12. Takes away playtime with my pets
13. I know all the answers so it is a waste of my time
14. I could get a job and earn cash and get job experience
15. Different groups get different amount of work
16. It makes me feel sick to my stomach if I don't know the answers
17. I feel guilty if I don't do it
18. If I don't have it my teacher could have less work to do
19. My friends hate it too
20. I won't have to feel bad if I leave it in my locker

It seems pretty awkward that kids hate homework, no offense.
I'm just so used to having homework anyways.
I have to do Kumon, my math, Reading and writing, and school homework. But seriously they're so easy.
Math is only 1 page, reading and writing 1 page and school homework 1 page. Kumon is at least 2-5 pages. I used to do Chinese until I quit since the Chinese teachers really didn't teach you anything, even on tests :P
A lot of people in my class hate homework, even when there is barely any.

Really, I don't even care about homework, if you people like it or don't like it it's not my problem.
If they is no homework or not I still don't care.
And that is the homework hate post.
Now I'm signing off!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

What kind of person are YOU at school?

School is just like a movie. There's the randoms, sins, and popular people. 
The popular people are normally the mean girls. You may be wondering now, why are mean girls SO popular? Well the answer to your question is that if you're a friend of a mean girl, she will just treat you nicely. So, everyone wants to be treated kindly, even by the mean people, so they just become friends.
The popular girls and boys at my school aren't mean really. The girls are popular because of how 'pretty' or 'stylish' they look and plus they LOVE Teen Vogue
Seriously... fashion??? The popular boys, though, love sports, like hockey, baseball, basket ball, and all those other things

The randoms, like me, can easily make friends. The randoms can randomly get a's (like me) even when they think they're not that good. These randoms are also very hyper , they don't care about how some people think of them negatively and don't care about the popular people, and these randoms are unpopular. These randoms can also make people laugh!

Now here comes the nerds. The nerds are very well-known. Nerds include computer nerds, math nerds, bookworms, writing nerds, awkward nerds, or just plain nerds. These people are very, VERY unpopular. They also get straight a's no matter WHAT. They are normally the class president or student council. Yeah, strange right? Nerds normally are vegetarian too. They try to keep slim and skinny. Yes, I mean the candy! 
No just kidding, I'm just going to put up the picture of the Candy Nerds, since the picture of nerds look really awkward. And yes, nerds eat NERDS to become one and get smarter! (it could be true :P).
Signing off now!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mock Debate Today!

Well at school today we had a Mock Debate based on the Presidential Debate between Obama And Romney.
Mitt Romney
Romney is Republican, and I was chosen to be on the Republican side for Jobs.

Barack Obama
Obama is Democrat, and my opponent was on the Democrat side for Jobs too.

There were at least 3 subjects we got to choose to debate on:
Foreign Policy
I was like the only girl in the Republican Jobs  which seemed awkward, but my mom always tells me:
"Dare to be different."
I really don't care who wins, but before I was voting for Romney just because he was the governor of my state, right now I don't care. Jammie263 says that there is a bad and good side of both of Obama's and Romney's ideas. But she says that she is voting for Obama (I think).
And I want to thank Jammie263 for her comment to me.
A lot of people are voting for Obama, I don't know if it means they want him to be president again OR it's because they just randomly vote for him. A lot of people in my state are voting for Romney because people say he was really good at being governor of my state, even though the New England place is known to be a Democrat side. 
So anyways
Signing off now! :D